AQ'SAAK regrets to inform our valued customers that we will no longer be producing our uniquely blended handmade Edible Aboriginal Legends chocolates. Price increases in the organic ingredients and chocolate we use plus materials and labour will contribute to a substantial increase in our manufacturing cost. We have carefully considered our options to either reduce the quality and presentation of our product or increase our wholesale price from $10.00 per box ($120 per carton of 12 boxes) to $17.50 per box ($210.00 per carton of 12 boxes). We refuse to do either and consequently have decided to end the 4 year production of our MIDIK Chocolate Collection.

We are very thankful to the loyal customers who continued to purchase the MIDIK Chocolate Collection over the years. There are far too many customers to acknowledge here however we would like to thank the luxurious hotels and resorts who provided our chocolates as pillow gifts; the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres and National Association of Friendship Centres for their support, first nations, friendship centres and professional businesses who provided our chocolates to their clients as gifts; the gift shops, museums and specialty stores who carried our unique chocolates and the Province of British Columbia for purchasing the MIDIK Chocolate Collection to sell as souvenir gifts in the Legislative Gift Shop located in the Parliament Buildings in Victoria and for listing our chocolates as protocol gifts for dignitaries visiting the Legislative Assembly of BC.