- refreshing, minty, aromatic

Frogs bring good luck and happiness, and symbolize renewal.  After a day of picking sweet berries with Grandmother, she tells us about a beautiful girl who married a frog.  Her father tried to persuade the Frog People to return his daughter, but they would not, so the powerful man dug a channel and drained the lake.  The Frog People scattered, and now, they sing to each other in springtime, emerging from the mud when the weather warms.  The refreshing minty, fruity blend of AQ’SAAK's WAK’WAK tea reminds us of springtime's return and the unique song of the frog people.

Ingredients: Rose Hips*, Spearmint Leaves*, Lemon Peel*, Licorice Root*, Chamomile*, Raspberry Leaf*, Stevia Leaf*, Rose Petals*, *dehydrated

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