- strong, clearing, bright

On stormy nights, Grandmother reminds us that every thunderclap is the beat of the great Thunderbird's giant wings. The most powerful of all the spirits, Thunderbird lives on the peak of the tallest mountain, and plucks whales from the sea with his massive talons. Snakes with lightning tongues live under his wings, and when he blinks his huge eyes, the grey sky flashes. Enjoy the AQ’SAAK TSEIQAMI Tea for its strong, spirit cleansing properties and a comforting warmth reminding us that once Thunderbird has caught a whale to eat, the storm will pass.

Ingredients: Ginger Root*, Licorice Root*, Lemongrass*, Stevia Leaf*, Plantain Leaf*, Peppermint*, Stinging Nettle* *dehydrated

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